Do you need it.?

A question I seem to read more and more on the professional forums I am a member of is:

"do your wedding couples really need insurance?" and the general consensus is that no one wants anything bad to happen when planning their wedding but for that extra bit of "peace of mind" the insurance will give you its a pretty good idea to get it; and during these times we now see ourselves in its probably more important than ever before.

There are various reasons that make taking insurance out a great idea, you're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best and in most cases you'll never to use it; but if your venue ceased trading or you had an unexpected bereavement in your family then having insurance would mean that if "you" had to cancel your big day then you wouldn't be out of pocket financially.

Paying by credit card offers you some protection but it isn't a substitute for insurance, and remember, Insurance usually covers venue or supplier failure, key people falling ill, NOT cold feet

With the average price being around £100 - £150 this will cover a wedding in the £20,000 - £25,000 mark, not lot of money when you consider the sum total for your big day.

This is the link recommended by Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert:

Hopefully it will give you some good reading and help you make an informed choice.

Lawrence :)