Its a tough one...!!!

Choosing your photographer....ooooft thats a tough one,

seriously it is because there are so many of us to choose from and I mean loads, just Google the word "wedding photographers scotland" and see what pops up literally thousands....some even I haven't heard of and I have been in this game for a long while.

So, who should you choose.?

Well this is just my thoughts on it, I put Wedding Photography in the top tier of planning a wedding along with things like "The Venue" and "The Dress" , seriously thats the way I think, you're marrying your best friend, you've got all your family, friends and their "plus ones" and you've got the perfect dress, the perfect location and the perfect photographer.? Oh, or have you.?

Thats why I would do a little bit of homework before clicking on someones Facebook page and hiring them on the cheap. I do believe you get what you pay for, but what exactly are you paying for.?

well, take me for instance, we'll use me as an example lol.

Experience, I did three years at college to get a HND in photography, and when I finished college I got a job as a photographer, not a wedding photographer but still; "a photographer" and here I am after all those years still "a photographer", a photographer with about 750 plus weddings under his belt, a photographer that loves his job and invests every year in continuous professional development (even I'm not beyond learning new stuff) and someone who is part of the U.K.'s largest group of professional photographers and one of the worlds most trusted names in the photography business The SWPP or the Society of Wedding And Portrait Photographers giving it its full title, meaning I have to run my business to a professional standard and I have to provide a quality product to a professional standard.

Ok blah, blah, you're thinking, I get it, but in all honestly if I was paying someone to capture the BIGGEST day of my life where I looked a million dollars and had the most important people surrounding me I would not be trusting that to some "unprofessional person". You deserve to have your day captured professionally and for eternity, something to show your kids, and eventually your kids, kids. It really isn't a job for the feint hearted, you have to know what your doing and how the day will run, you cant just turn up and wing it and hope for the best.

And by the way, I am insured for Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and all the kit I carry, some venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh require proof that your photographer carries £5 million yes £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance before they'll allow them to photograph on their premises, I DO.!!! Imagine turning up to your venue and your photographer being refused permission to photograph your wedding, what happens then.?

Don't leave your dreams in the hands of amateurs,

let me capture your day, your dreams, and your heart.

Lawrence X