Everyone’s a Photographer...

I love weddings, guests love weddings, the buzz, the occasion, so theres not many weddings that I shoot where the guests dont have a camera, every phone nowadays is capable for producing decent photographs but as a couple do you really want to see phones in your photos instead your friends and families faces.?

I know which one I would rather see.

I get that everyone wants a photo of the happy couple and thats understandable, but during the ceremony is the time you should be watching the marriage vows being taken and leave the photography to the professionals, thats why they've hired a professional photographer, plus its much better to see the wedding with your eyes as opposed to viewing it on a small phone screen.

The amount of times I have had the shot of the couple walking back up the aisle stopped because a guest jumps in a takes a shot, usually nowadays with an iPad ;)

But in all seriousness, you don't want to look back on your wedding day ceremony photographs and not see faces, but instead see the rear of a phone, have an unplugged wedding, it'll allow your guests to enjoy the ceremony, it'll ensure you get nicer photographs of everyone smiling and the good thing is you'll know who each person is ;)

I'm sure my Bride must be on her way.

No phones or cameras please