Some things you need to know..!!!

Where to begin, well 2020 was looking great, lots of people getting married and the start of a new decade, but on the last day of 2019 a new virus Covid19 was discovered; at first myself like many other I know never really gave this much thought, now fast forward to April 2020 and so far its claimed the lives of over 80,000 as I type this. It's very real, and very scary only yesterday I was contacted by worried couples who's wedding dates that were due to arrive shortly have now been cancelled or postponed, venues all closed, no one really allowed out and even my couples that are months away have now postponed, a worrying time.

I have done my best to accommodate new dates for next year and I am glad that my couples still want me to capture their big day, I think that when these weddings eventually take place next year that they may just be that little bit more special than they may have been on the original date, we will all think differently about life after this and we'll definitely care more for the living things around us rather than the material things.

I wish everyone a safe passage through this and I just want everyone to know that I am at the other end of a phone if they have any questions regarding their big day.

It will pass, and I honestly look forward to creating something more special, we will all be more special.

Best wishes and stay safe guys,

Lawrence x