The Food Psychologists way to a happy life.

Sunday 24th of March saw me meet up with old friends Christy and Jonathan, you'll remember them both from previous shoots I have done in the past. Christy is the owner of the Food Psychologist website and author of new lifestyle book Hot, Healthy, Happy..

The photographs from this shoot were some fillers for their website which had undergone a major overhaul in the past few months, not that the old one wasn't up to scratch, just Christy wanted a new website more in keeping with the new book..

 The day was mostly spent working in the kitchen with various clothes changes and some different lighting setups to create a change in mood and atmosphere, we always seem to spend too much time joking and laughing on our shoots and this one was no different, we were also joined midway through the photoshoot by four year old Ella, Christy and Jonathans little girl, Ella was super keen to get involved in helping out and had a great time being photographed in the process.

 The video from Christy's page can also be found on my site under the video section and here is a link to the Amazon page for anyone interested in a great book to help you along the way to great health and a happy future.

Hot, Healthy, Happy.

The Food Psychologist

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