The Wedding of Lindsay and Michael at the Cruin on Loch Lomond

Well as wedding days go this one was of to a flyer, I arrived early in the morning with Steve Gauld to shoot the wedding of Michael and Lindsay. The day was a gorgeous morning and the Loch was still, Steve and I had a quick coffee and a run through of the running order of the day and who was shooting what.

I made my way up to the lodges where Lindsay was getting ready with her bridesmaids and the mood was calm and relaxed, I got the usual photographs of the girls getting ready and enjoyed some fun moments before heading down to catch back up with Steve while the girls were getting into their dresses, I said "I'll see you in 15 minutes and well finish the photos in the lodge with the family before the ceremony starts. "Famous Last Words"

Wheres The Rings.?

I met Steve on my road down to the main building who told me that Michael had just realised the the wedding rings were not at the Cruin, but 45 miles away in Thornliebank and the only person that would be going to get them would be him (the Groom...!!)

So we have a Bride about to get into her dress and make the short two - three minute walk with her Father down to the gorgeous setting where her out door wedding was just about to take place, its the Brides prerogative to be late and this Bride was all for being punctual and not actually holding up the ceremony, so the look on her face when I had to break the news that the Groom had just left to embark on a 90 mile round trip to get the wedding rings was priceless.

Fast Forward 90 minutes and Michael returns safely with the rings and in one piece too, and after a few shocked minutes with his family and a quick change into his Kilt we were able to let the wedding commence.